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GoldGCH Serandida Abbaio La Contessa Scalza SC NAJ ROMS

March 19, 2011 | Pedigree | Statistics | Photos
CHIC #: 95572

CH Serandida Spirit of Serqet
GCH Serandida Spirit Oh My Darling ROM

Owner: Diane Arbeit & Richard Zelig & Sarah Murphy
Breeder: Sarah Murphy & Diane Arbeit & Richard Zelig & Susan St John Brown

Magnolia is from the Spring 2011 "Italian" litter between Sergio and Klementine. She lives in Massachusetts with her co-breeder Diane Arbeit and her daughter, Wild Eve. She was the first puppy from her litter (and the first Abbaio puppy ever) to win a major, which she did at 7 months of age. At 8 months and 1 day old, Magnolia won Best of Breed over two Top 10 specials for a third major to finish her championship, becoming the first Abbaio-bred champion! Magnolia was the youngest hound to compete at the Westminster Kennel Club in 2012 at 10.5 months old, and the second-youngest entry by 3 days. She began her specials career in mid 2013 and over Memorial Day weekend, became the 4th from the "Italian" litter to place in the group, 3rd in the USA. On June 9, 2013 Magnolia became the first Abbaio Ibizan to WIN the Hound group! On July 27, 2013 she became the first homebred Abbaio Grand Champion! At the 2013 IHCUS National Specialty, Magnolia was High Scoring Novice JWW in Agility, 4th in her AKC Lure Coursing stake to finish her SC title, made the final cut at the National Specialty, won Best of Breed at both Supported Entries, a Group 3rd on Saturday and ended the weekend with her second Group 1st on Sunday and became the FIRST Ibizan in history to win a Reserve Best in Show! We are very proud of Magnolia's accomplishments in such a short time, having defeated more than 2,000 dogs in less than 6 months. She ended the year by becoming the first Ibizan Hound to place in the Bred by Exhibitor Hound group at the Eukanuba National Championship (right behind the #1 Hound in the country). She has started 2014 off with a bang already. winning Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club show and her fourth Group 1st win just a few weeks later! Magnolia retired at Eukanuba 2014 with her second Select/Best Bred by Exhibitor award, just days after completing her Gold level Grand Championship title, the 3rd Ibizan to do so. She is the first hound of any breed to have both her Gold Grand Championship and a companion title (NAJ), and the first hound bitch of any breed to have her Gold Grand Championship and a performance title (SC).


Titled Progeny
The Dream Litter
Simba X Magnolia - May 4, 2015
BIS MRBIS NBISS GCHP Abbaio Dream With Your Eyes Open SC HOF "Iris"
CH Abbaio Impossible Dream "Justin Beezer"
GCH Abbaio Wildest Dreams "Azalea"
MultiCH Abbaio What Dreams Are Made Of "Tiger Lily"
The Garden Litter
Cooper X Magnolia - February 12, 2018
DC Abbaio The Palace Garden SC DS "Zayn"
BIF GCH DC Abbaio Secret Garden SC "Willow"
DC Abbaio Garden Party SC "Dahlia"
CH Abbaio Zen Garden "Albert"
CH Abbaio Grey Gardens SC "Wild Eve"


#2 Breed
#3 All-Breed
#1 Breed
#2 All-Breed

Notable Accomplishments

Reserve BIS
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
2011 Puppy Group 1st Talbot Kennel Club
2012 Youngest Hound in Competition Westminster Kennel Club
2013 Group 1st Skyline Kennel Club
Group 4th Central NJ Hound Association (Fall)
Back-to-Back Best of Breed Three Rivers KC of MO
     (IHCUS National Specialty Weekend Supported Entry)
Reserve Best in Show/Group 1st Three Rivers Kennel Club of MO
Group 1st Butler County Kennel Club
Best of Breed National Dog Show
Best of Breed Valley Forge Kennel Club (IHCUS Supported Entry)
Select/BBE Best of Breed AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
Bred by Exhibitor Group 2nd AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
2014 Best of Breed Westminster Kennel Club
Group 1st Wallkill Kennel Club
Best of Breed Skyline Kennel Club (IHCUS Supported Entry)
Group 1st Rock Creek Kennel Club
Best of Breed Valley Forge Kennel Club (IHCUS Supported Entry)
Select/BBE Best of Breed AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
2015 Best of Breed Westminster Kennel Club
Best of Breed Morris & Essex Kennel Club
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