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  • 3rd in Veterans at CAHC AKC Field Trial (6.23.19)

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    May 27, 2010 | Pedigree | Progeny | Statistics | Photos
    CHIC #: 95569

    Desert Mirage Give Me Justice
    CH Jakona's All Eyes On Me

    Owner: Sarah Murphy
    Breeder: Jeannie & Tyji Armstrong & Lisa Puskas

    Elin is from Jakona's spring 2010 "Around the World" litter between Justice and Mimi. She came to live with me when she was 10 months old after finishing her championship at 8 months old, breeder-owner-handled by Jeannie. Elin has won or placed at every high-profile show she has attended and in July 2012, became the very first owner-handled Bronze Grand Champion Ibizan within the AKC at just 16 months of age. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, she excels at everything she does and I couldn't be more pleased with her. She was a gifted show dog, winning Best of Breed at Westminster, Select at the 2012 IHCUS National Specialty and an Award of Excellence at Eukanuba. Elin's true calling, however, was on the lure coursing field where she exceled with a very limited number of starts. She has been Best in Field at the IHCUS National Specialty twice and currently holds 7 all-breed Best in Field awards. At the 2017 NLCC, Elin was 2nd in Veterans both days and, along with her granddaughter Audrey, won the Ibizan Hound Kennel Stake! She also earned her Master Courser title on the first day of the NLCC! Elin has reluctantly retired from the coursing field and now spends her days as a quality-control inspector of the furniture. She has the most wonderful personality which she has passed on to her children, grand children and great grand children. She is the undisputed queen of the house and all of the young dogs respect her without question. She is truly a once-in-a-lifetime dog that I am so lucky to share my life with.


    Titled Progeny
    The April Fools Litter
    Primo X Elin - April 1, 2013
    CH Jakona Abbaio I Pity the Fool "Reno"
    CH Abbaio Jakona Dance Like a Fool "Atticus"
    GCH DC Abbaio Jakona Love Fool MC ROM POM "Phoebe"
    CH Abbaio Jakona Foolish Pleasure SC "King Julian"
    MultiCH Abbaio Jakona Fool's Paradise Imokam "Ibi"
    CH Jakona Abbaio Fool Me Not "I'sa"
    The Fancy Litter
    Simba X Elin - September 5, 2014
    NBISS GCHB DC Abbaio It Girl SC HOF "Kendra"
    GCH DC Abbaio Upper Echelon SC "Liam"
    MBIF DC Abbaio Glitterati MC ROMS "Ivy"
    CIB Abbaio Beau Monde WW'16 "Fora"
    BISS GCH Abbaio I'm So Fancy at Enzo ROM "Fancy"
    GCH Abbaio High Society "Mavis"
    The Lemur Litter
    Scorpio X Elin - August 8, 2018
    GCH Abbaio Maucauco SC "Newt"
    CIB Abbaio Indri "Henri"
    GCH Abbaio Madame Berthe's Mouse SC FCh "Mouse"
    DC Abbaio Slender Loris SC "Jovian"
    DC Abbaio Sifaka SC "Gaia"
    BIF GCH DC Abbaio Softly Softly MC "Seti"
    BIS RBIS MBIF GCHG DC Abbaio Bushbaby SC ATT "The Zit"
    CH Abbaio Sambirano Avahi CGC TKN CGN "Pharaoh"
    GCHB DC Abbaio Tarsier RN SC BCAT CGC TKI ATT "Ramsey"


    #9 Breed
    #7 All-Breed
    #3 Breed
    #3 All-Breed
    #1 Owner-Handled (All Systems)

    Notable Accomplishments

    Group 2
    Group 3
    Group 4
    2011 Best of Breed IHCUS National Specialty AKC Field Trial
    Award of Excellence AKC/Eukanuba National Invitational Championship
    2012 Best of Breed Westminster Kennel Club
    Select Beezerfest (Mid-KY & Evansville Kennel Clubs)
    Best of Breed Central NJ Hound Association (Spring & Fall)
    Best in Field T&HLC AKC Field Trial
    Third Bronze Grand Champion Ibizan Hound & First Owner-Handled
    High Scoring Open IHCUS National Specialty AKC Field Trial
    Select IHCUS National Specialty
    Back-to-Back Best in Field LVCC AKC Field Trials
    2013 Best in Field T&HLC AKC Field Trial
    Best of Breed IHCUS National Specialty AKC Field Trial
    2014 Back-to-Back Best in Field IWAGS AKC Field Trial
    Award of Excellence AKC/Eukanuba National Invitational Championship
    2016 Best in Field SSRRC AKC Field Trial
    2017 Veteran Group 1st St Petersburg DFA
    Ibizan Kennel Stake Winner National Lure Coursing Championship (w/ Audrey)
    2019 Veteran Group 1st Greater Venice Florida DC
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    Desert Mirage Give Me Justice CH Serandida Karcz IX-XI Living Tribute CH Unigus You're So Vain
    CH Unigus Dancing in the Moonlight
    CH Desert Mirage Jewel of Th Nile CH Serandida's Sultan of Cairo
    CH Wunmore-Serandida Scarlet-Mirage
    CH Jakona's All Eyes on Me CH Paradise Ahram Lose Yrself in Me CH Paradise As Good As It Gets
    CH Unigus Britomartis
    CH Paradise Jakona's Miss Monroe CH Paradise As Good As It Gets
    Special Acres' Image of a Winner
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